Clicky Media

Clicky is an award-winning, 40-strong specialist team of digital marketing and web experts. Founded in 2007, the company deliver meaningful digital experiences with a focus on performance marketing, in an ever-evolving visual and mobile web. Clicky Media connects real brands with real people in real moments through a wide ranging offering, all tailored to meet, and indeed surpass, the targets and expectations of their clients.

We now have offices in Nottingham, Chester (HQ) and a satellite office in London to service our ever-expanding customer portfolio. Clicky has a great reputation for creating beautiful digital experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make the web a better place to be. Our experts have a genuine passion for delivering innovative solutions and achieving results that speak for themselves.

It became almost immediately obvious upon visiting, that Nottingham would provide the ideal location for us to realise our ambitions and meet our high expectations.

Nottingham is an upcoming city with a strong emerging digital and technology scene that we felt could be leveraged by a more established digital marketing agency such as ourselves.

The culture and style is a strong fit with the company values, ethos and characteristics. The young population aligns with our current employment demographic, and coupled with the two fantastic Universities, offering relevant courses to our industry, alongside a well educated workforce, we can see there is a fantastic pool of exceptional talent for us to engage with.

The city is also increasingly developing a niche within the digital content sub-sector, including video, film and photography, music, publishing, radio and TV, computer games, social media and software – all of which are relevant potential partners to help us support growth, continue to evolve and innovate, and offer our clients cutting edge services.

Nottingham has a reputation for fantastic business support, growth and success and the city offers us a versatile base in which to reach out from. We are confident that we can help many of the recognisable local businesses achieve even greater digital success. We work heavily with the service, travel and retail industries, all of which are thriving sectors within the region.

Compared to our other office location, Nottingham also provided a cost effective solution for office space, whilst having the digital infrastructure required for a business of our type, and connectivity that means across our three offices we are generally within 2-3 hours commute to the majority of all UK major conurbations.

The city is clearly investing in attracting and retaining new businesses and talent which also appealed hugely as we continue to grow.

The welcoming nature of the business community and access to support and resources is second to none. The city and the businesses that reside within, have exciting ambitions for the region and are making a huge impact.

The local authorities are heavily invested in supporting new businesses and attracting and growing existing brands. They are forward thinking in fostering enterprise, providing relevant investment, offering grants, developing an increasingly skilled workforce and are working hard to develop specialist status in a number of exciting emerging new sectors.

All of these factors make starting or growing a business in the region a simpler, more accessible and quicker process. The future looks extremely positive and we believe Nottingham will rival a number of larger Cities and be renowned for its business acumen.

The support received from Invest In Nottingham has been fantastic. From providing us with help in finding a new office location, to supporting our recent launch event, we have worked closely and are grateful for all the assistance.

The team have been a pleasure to work with and linked us in with a number of relevant business networks, the press and individuals, as well as arranging meetings with the local Universities and funding and grant contacts locally.

We have been able to begin our recruitment process sooner than we had anticipated and have already started to discuss new business opportunities with local brands.

We have quickly established a presence in the city, which without the support received we believe would have taken much longer. With the support of the grants/funding and partnerships with the Universities we can cost effectively recruit more talent than originally anticipated too.