Global Britain: Nottingham Talent, London Reception - September

In September, we were delighted to have joined forces with The University of Nottingham and Browne Jacobson for the ‘Global Britain: Nottingham Talent’ drinks reception.

Following on from last year’s extraordinarily successful Nottingham in Parliament Day, which saw over one-hundred Nottingham businesses and organisations take over Westminster, and building on the success of the work Invest in Nottingham has been doing to raise the profile of Nottingham in London, we co-hostined this event to showcase to London-based businesses the opportunities that Nottingham offers as a destination for business expansion.

Attended by leading figures from Nottingham, leading alumni from the University and national industry partners, the reception highlighted the flourishing connections between Nottingham, London and the global knowledge economy, driven by the flow of talent. We looked at what the government’s ‘Global Britain’ Strategy and what it means for cities such as Nottingham.

During the reception we heard from a fantastic variety of speakers:
Neil Carberry, CBI Director for People and Skills
Sir John Peace, Chair of the Midlands Engine
Sarah Walker-Smith, Chief Operating Officer, Browne Jacobson
Neil Carmichael, University of Nottingham alumnus, former MP for Stroud
Victoria Rowley, trainee solicitor, University of Nottingham’s 250,000th graduate
Adam Bird, CEO and Founder of Cronofy